Business Management

Business Management & Financial Consultancy

Our team of experienced consultants provide with broad range of services which shall just not be confined to profit making business but shall spread through out various ranges of different types of organizations.

This service which requires a wide array of knowledge and experience in various disciplines is our specialty as we understand the need of our

  • Registration of Trusts under the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.


  • Providing updates on significant and pertinent changes in law.


  • Assistance in availing benefits, exemptions, reliefs, rebates and deductions to minimize the incidence of tax.


  • “Representing” or “consultancy for representing” before the assessing authorities for expeditious and timely completion of assessments.


  • Assistance in moving courts against any legal issues in assessments/appeal orders.


  • Undertake a study to evaluate status of compliance with relevant statutes and appraise on exposure to risks, both Domestic and Foreign Tax laws.


  • Conducting audits and certifying the financial statements of persons engaged in Business/Profession, Co-operative societies and Charitable or religious trusts.


  • Certifying Exports and Foreign exchange earnings and remittances.


  • Filing of returns and expediting the process of obtaining refund.

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